While working with the various textures and patterns of fabric I became fascinated by the way pattern can be combined to make new forms.  I have always enjoyed the beautiful color lithography of Postage stamps.  So I began collecting  and creating sequences of them.  Their cancellation marks often add a nice design element.  At this time when I would meet new people and discuss my work I would often find a package of stamps in the mail.  As a result I collected thousands of stamps to choose from.  

Each piece has a theme.  It is interesting to see stamps from various time periods work together, both with their imagery and their symbolism to create a new form.  These are signed, limited edition digital prints of the stamps on archival paper with archival inks.

I have recently decided to add a stamp on each holiday.  The newest are one for Easter #1 and #2 and one for Passover (Jewish Stars).