Just for fun I got some software (Procreate) for my IPAD that allows me to paint.  This in itself is nothing new but what is new for me is that every mark I make is saved and can then be played back.  It is not played back in real time but simply at some arbitrary rather fast speed.  This is not ideal for visual music but it is fun to add music to whatever develops.  So I have created several "songs" using this method.  I try to think about the marks I make as they will look when later connected.  This is a new project that has a lot of potential.  It would be especially fine if one could control the speed a bit better.  Here are some links to the songs. Once you are on my tube channel you can try out any songs.  They are all numbered.  Some are simply loose sketches set to music while others try to be a bit "musical"  I think of this as a bit like jazz..

Song #5

Song #4