HERRINGBONE AND SILK is the first piece of visual music in time I created.  After years of wanting to play colors in time to music I finally was able to realize my dream using BLISSPAINT.  I was not able to translate music to color exactly as I wanted to because I could neither control the exact color or play in real time but I was able to grab sequences of moving color which I could control to a certain extent and fit them to the music.  I agonized over every transition and color combination.  I listened to the music hundreds of times as I had to start it over again each time I added a change and take my chances on starting the music and video sequences at the same time.  This is more like dancing in time to the music than making music with color.  I still love the music.  You really can’t do much better than Miles Davis and John Coltrane.


Waltz from the Jazz Suite by Demitry Shostakovitz

What Might Have Been  VALSES 2, Moskowski


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