Go to my Youtube Channel to see all videos.  Here are my three favorites.


THE DREAM   2 minutes and 11 seconds -- click on square on bottom right to see full screen.

"Going somewhere, searching for something.

I should have gone to my class, an hour, a week… months ago.  I have been looking for this class in other dreams – elevators missed, stairs unavailable before.

I rush along….and there it is – the classroom.  Others are busy at work, but now that I am here I want to be home. 

I find a train station.  I know there is only one train for me. As I stand there, that very one passes and there is no other.  Off I go into the night towards the moon for miles, until the night too fades and the mists clear to reveal a bridge.

Soon I am climbing the stairs into the dawn of a new day."



THE RED BIKE       9 minutes and 4 seconds - click on the square in the bottom right corner for full screen view.

This short film was made for a film contest to celebrate classic movies.  I chose The Bicycle Thief, an old Italian movie by Victorio DeSica.  I wanted to make a contemporary version.  I tried to catch some of the pathos of that old film set in postwar Italy, while giving my video a happy ending.


Here Olive has grown up a bit but is still a force of nature.