After all this experimentation with translating music to color I decided to think about colors moving in space in a different way.  Still using music as my model for thought of course.

What does music actually do with the vibrations it organizes?  Well, it creates a certain inevitability which keeps you listening.  There are periodic feelings of closure but the whole piece has a logical finality to it and what happens as you are listening leads you to that place.

So here we go.  These pieces are accompanied by music but the music was chosen after the fact of the composition.  This time the piece can stand on its own.  It has a logic, a consistent color sensibility and it is always working towards a definite conclusion.

The first and I think the best of these is Equipoise.  Turn up the sound it is very low for some reason.

Next Apparition.  You'll notice if and when you get to my Pure Color section that these pieces have a lot to do with this color modulation.

The last piece in this series is Imperative.  This is only one way to solve this model for visual music.  I have since become interested in making other types of videos but I'm sure if I live long enough I will be back to this fascinating pursuit.

And here are some pieces recently done on my iPad.

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